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Posted By: GUEST,999
28-Dec-09 - 11:01 PM
Thread Name: What is it? (eBay instrument - Goodwill)
Subject: RE: What is it? (eBay instrument - Goodwill)
I think that the group of strings would be in some open tuning. There is what looks like a double-ended nail near what would be the nut on a guitar. That metal nail is welded to a piece that then is slid along the strings. In the lower right (our) prespective is a small clump of rosin that seems to have been used by a bow. So, sometink can be bowed on there. The white/black 'keys' to the right are markers. Don't seem like they actually do anything. The strings to the right bifurcate about three-quarter-way along the body, and split fifty fifty into two sets of about 6 strings each. That section is elevated so that the bowing will not affect the main chord strings. I would guess that the instrument would be held much like an autoharp. The left hand would do the chording on the main board (the board that is parallelled (sp?) by the chord strings, and the right hand would pluck, finger-pick or bow the strings that are slightly angled, and they would do melody lines. Only way I can see it happening. Don't mean it's right, but it's all I can figure. Looks like it could be fun.