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Posted By: PoppaGator
30-Dec-09 - 02:28 PM
Thread Name: Dave Van Ronk's Memoirs
Subject: RE: Dave Van Ronk's Memoirs
Jerry says, "I had no desire to be Dave Van Ronk, musically or otherwise, although I liked him as a person and character."

I, on the other hand, spent quite a few years wanting and trying to "be" Dave, although (unlke Jerry) I never met the man in person. I've always wanted (still do) to be able to present just that brand of blues/folk/trad-jazz/novelty-pop music as a vocalist and solo guitar player. And, while my own anarcho-pacifist left-wing political orientation is a little different from Dave's, I share his seeming inclination to express politics in song only indirectly and occasionally.

I love the book, and bought it as soon as possible upon publication. It's one several recent memoirs of that time and place that I've enjoyed. Can't remember the titles off the top of my head, but there was a more-commerically-successful book a few years ago about Richard Farina, Mimi Baez Farina, her sister Joan, and The Bob, and more recently, Suze Rotolo's autobiography. I ate 'em all up, quite indiscriminately.

I was just a little too young to be personally involved in that early-to-mid-sixties Greenwich Village scene, but I was very well aware of it as a high school kid in nearby New Jersey (all-boys Catholic high school, that is). All these many years later, it's nice to learn more about that tiny little folkie/beatnik world that I once regarded from a distance, as an outsider looking in.