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Posted By: treewind
01-Jan-10 - 08:39 AM
Thread Name: Why music sounds worse.
Subject: RE: Why music sounds worse.
For cars, the answer is to have compression built into the player in the car - that is a special case where you are listening against a high background noise level. Then your same CD can be listened to properly at home.

When I had a minidisc player in the car, I experimented with making highly compressed MD copies of CDs exclusively for use in the car. It worked well though I couldn't be bothered with making many such copies.

As for radio - everything that goes out on radio is squashed mightily to make it as loud as possible by an Orban Optimod or similar - and the irony of this is that the Optimod works best when it is fed with clean music with a wide dynamic range (Robert Orban has written loads of stuff about this.) If you feed it something that's already been compressed to death, it makes it sound worse without being any louder.