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18-Aug-00 - 10:03 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Mrs Stein Don't Rent to Gypsies Any More
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: dosn't rent to gypsys
Wolfgang and MythHUNTER - Thanks for the correction. No offence meant, a word shifted in the scrolling up and down the page. Funny songs and satire is often the most damaging weapon of prejudice. When one laughs at the "Gypsy" hijinks one can ignore that in the United States, where there is potentialy a population of one million uncounted Roma, estimates are that 90% are functionaly illiterate. While we laugh, the only governmental program is racial profiling by the police, carried out openly from the local sherrif to FBI, and the rest is silence and apathy. The New York Times pole on the subject found Roma (Gypsies) to be the most discriminated against population in the United States by all indicators of social deprivation.
Born in the middle of the afternoon
In a horse drawn waggon on the old A5
The big twelve wheelers shook my bed,
You can't stay here the policeman said
You better get born somepalce else... Larry