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Posted By: Genie
04-Jan-10 - 10:11 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: A La Nanita - verses in Spanish
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: A La Nanita - verses in Spanish
I think I like "honor" better than "respect," in the context. The song is about the Christ Child, and it seems like the concept is that theittle birds and fountains, auras (I'm not sure this is the ideal translation) and breezes are paying homage to him and his dreams.

I agree that "is sleepy" is the literal translation, but in English we would not say "the baby is sleepy to the lullaby." Maybe we should translate the line "the little lullaby makes the baby sleepy."

Lots of times literal translations from one language to another miss the concept or sentiment that the text was conveying.

As for wallflowers, botanists and flower garden afficionados may be familiar with the term, but I have never heard that term used except to describe a woman (and I am a flower lover and gardener ).   I just think that "wallflower" has a very common usage and connotation to Americans that's not botanical.

I can't use HTML it with Safari the way I used to be able to with Netscape composer. I can't use boldface, italics, or other formatting either.
All I can do is type text, including diacritical marks and other symbols. But if someone else's system doesn't recognize them (or vice versa) it can be a problem.

Sometime when I read things posted by others, the apostrophes come out as question marks or other strange symbols. DK why.