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Posted By: Ferrara
18-Aug-00 - 08:06 PM
Thread Name: Skepticism and the Zither.
Subject: RE: Skepticism and the Zither.
Rick, I'm glad someone else has pondered the question of how the heck Karas could do that stuff!!! -- I also pondered the question of how anybody ever got that talented, particularly in his eerie interludes during the picture which I assume were his own improvisations. Who wrote the Third Man Theme? The Theme was merely a mind boggling virtuoso performance, but those scary, tension-increasing background themes were genius!

By the way, there are concert zithers and there are guitar zithers and mine says it's a concert-guitar zither which is a fib. (I'll go into it more on harpgirl's thread.) But on a concert zither, you have a fretboard similar to a guitar neck which allows a lot more special effects than a plain old guitar zither. ... You probably already knew all that....

I wanna hear Ken Bloom!!! -- do you suppose he'd come to the Getaway if we asked nicely? Where does he perform?

Ebbie, love your song. Would you be willing to put up the whole thing, music and all?

Banjo Johnnie, there's more about zithers on a new thread started by harpgirl and a link to a good site.