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Posted By: Donuel
06-Jan-10 - 03:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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I have seen Scoliosis cured over 4 years. The curve in Richard's spine was 5 inches one way and 5 inches the other. His spine looked like a snake. THe agony was hard to watch.
Besides smoking pounds of pot , he did Yoga and underwent Chiropractic treatment twice a week for 3 years then tapered down to occaisional sessions. His back now appears straight.

I know people who use the word 'reality' in a bullying sense. These people allude to the savage reality that they will accept and use any form of violence to achieve their goal of preserving their reality. To these people assasination is but a necessary tool in their toolbox of reality that is justified by previous uses of the tool. The People who say this call themselves Republicans but they are really something far more primitive no matter how much they see themselves as elder statesmen.

u + everything else is my creation.
Rapaire, thats one way to put it but it is more cryptic and poetic than prose.