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Posted By: Stewie
19-Aug-00 - 03:20 AM
Thread Name: What are the best Vietnam era songs?
Subject: Lyr Add: The Veteran^^
BlueJay, Kate Wolf did not write 'Agent Orange'. It was written by Muriel Hogan.

Another moving song of the Vietnam War was Allan Taylor's 'The Veteran', but I am not sure when he wrote it:

(Allan Taylor)

I saw the echo of a thousand wars in the face of the man
As looked out over the watching crowd, searching for a friend
Sometimes he would see a face, but then each face looks the same
Like looking into a mirror, and reading a different name

He learned his lesson early, a confirmation under fire
Now his eyes stare into the distance like a prisoner behind the wire
We are lucky in our fortune, we can turn the other way
But the veteran fights again at night and struggles through the day

He came back an addict, he came back a drunk
He came back a cripple, or pieces in a trunk
He came back a hero, to a waving flag parade
And he was left with nothing when the glory began to fade

So what do say to the veteran who can't take it anymore
You guard your words and hold it back and talk of anything but the war
Just reach out over the distance and let him know you're there
And hope he hasn't gone too far, or forgotten how to care

Chorus [after each verse]:
When you sing do you sing for the man who is broken
Do you sing for the man who stands alone
Do you sing for the endless list of names
Etched on marble stone

Source: Allan Taylor 'Lines' T Records T002