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Posted By: Joe Offer
19-Aug-00 - 03:38 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Mrs Stein Don't Rent to Gypsies Any More
Subject: Lyr Req: doesn't rent to gypsies
Still, I'd like to see the lyrics. I sympathize with Larry's goals completely, but his attacking the song without having heard it is very troublesome to me. I abhor prejudice - but I also abhor the idea of fighting prejudice with prejudice.
Áine's response was rational and convincing, I'll grant that. Still, the thought of a song about one minority (a Jewish woman) clashing with another minority is intriguing, and makes me want to hear it for myself and make my own judgment. I can imagine an Irish pub band might give a different interpretation from what was originally intended by the song, and might make an attempt at a humorous social commentary into a statement of prejudice.
It really does bother me to see good people rise up passionately to fight against an enemy they don't even know. Several years ago, I saw dozens of well-meaning Christian people picketing a theater that was showing The Last Temptation of Christ - none of them had seen the movie, and neither had their leaders, so nobody really knew what they were protesting against. I'm a Christian, and I saw the movie, and my only complaint is that I thought it was a bit too pious. I see good people who seem to be terrified of homosexuals, and I see other good people label all sorts of tolerant people "homophobic." I see good people fighting all the time - and most of the time, they don't even know or understand what they're fighting against.
There's too damn much name-calling and irrationality in this world. We need to stop, all of us, for a moment and realize that every one of us is a human being, not a demon. Then we need to listen to those we oppose, and try to understand what makes them so.
Once we understand what we're fighting against, then we can do something about it. Otherwise, we're doomed to lose.
I appreciate Larry's passion, and he expresses his position very well. However, his condemnation of a song he hadn't heard is irrational, and makes his entire position look irrational. This thread is a perfect opportunity for us all to learn about the cause of the Roma. Let's keep some logic and some mutual tolerance in our discussion.
I, for one, would like to see the lyrics of this song. I'll make up my mind what I think of it after I've seen it, not before. And yes, Brendy, I still think I'm right in asking others to reserve judgment until they have seen the lyrics. What's the value in arguing from ignorance? If we are to overcome prejudice, we must do it with understanding and with respect for all people, even those we oppose.
-Joe Offer-