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08-Jan-10 - 04:20 PM
Thread Name: UK TV Shows of Sonny boy Williamson
Subject: UK TV Shows of Sonny boy Williamson
I'm listing my wanted footages with famous Sonny Boy Williamson who toured England with American Folk Blues Festival in 1963-65.
1->> October 04 1963, Frankfurt TV
>> "Bye Bye Bird" Vocal and harmonica
>> "So Sad To Be Lonesome" Vocal and harmonica with Memphis Slim (piano); M. T. [AKA Matt "Guitar] Murphy (Electric guitar); and Billie Stepney (drums)

2->> Late 1963, Tonight (U. K. BBC TV Program) London, England
[There was an interview by Cliff Michelmore, the resident host.]
>>       [unknown song] [unknown band]

3- >> Late 1963, Tonight (U. K. BBC TV Program) London, England
[There was an interview.] There was almost certainly another
appearance on the Tonight show within two weeks either side of the above.       [unknown song] [unknown band]

>> 31 May 1964 – BBC(?) Television Show with Chris Barber, Live Free
Trade Hall in Manchester (England)
Vocal and harmonica with Pat Halcox, trumpet; Chris Barber, trombone and bass; Ian Wheeler, clarinet; Eddie Smith, banjo; Dick Smith, bass; Graham Burbidge, drumes> Vocal and harmonica only -1;
Ottilie Patterson, 2nd vocal; -2. .
>>    "Help Me"
>>       "C Jam Blues [instrumental"]
>>       "So Sad to be Lonesome"
>>       "Walk With Me Baby"
>>       "Bye Bye Bird (Bird, I'm goin')"
>>       "Your Funeral and My Trial" -1
>>         'Pontiac Blues" & encore
>>       "When the Saints go Marchin' In"
>       "This Little Light of Mine" -2
>>       "Saints" [inst reprise]

4->> Denmark October 3, 1964, film backyard of the old Monmartre Club in Copenhagen,
>>    "In My Little Room" ["Lonesome Cabin"] Vocal and harmonica>
>>   "It Ain't But My Way Out" [One Way Out?]

5->> November 9, 1964 --Beat Room, London, England
[Available from BBC.] [This may have been filmed for the above show
or simply another film of "Lonesome Cabin".]
>>    "Lonesome Cabin"       Vocal and harmonica
>>   "One Way Out" (?)

6->> November 16, 1964 -- Unbroadcast Granada TV show, Studio 6, Granada Studios, Manchester, England. Made for Granada TV by Phillip Casson and John Hamp    Vocal and harmonica, [accompaniment unknown, probably the Five Dimensions]

7->> December 22, 1964 – Day by Day, Southampton, England. U. K. Southern news magazine
>>      Vocal and harmonica, [accompaniment unknown]

8->> January 8, 1965– Ready, Steady. Go, ATV Studios, London England.U. K. ATV Broadcasts, Directed by Elkan Allen
>>    Vocal and harmonica, [accompaniment unknown]

10->> Late January 1965 – Unissued Danish TV Show, "3 Falke Center,"
>> Copenhagen, Denmark -- Late January 1964
>>         "Bye Bye Bird" Vocal and harmonica; Sunnyland Slim (piano); Hubert Sumlin, (electric guitar); Willie Dixon (bass); Clifton James (drums)
>>       "In My Younger Days"

Does anybody help me to find these footages?