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Posted By: GUEST,TGMorg
09-Jan-10 - 11:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Bread and Gravy
Subject: Lyr Add: THE GRAVY SONG
We had the 78 record in the 50's, but unfortunately a chunk of it got broken so it could not be salvaged and we pitched it. I'm reasonably sure the title was THE GRAVY SONG, but I only heard it a few times so here's what I recall:

"On Monday we had bread and gravy.
Tuesday was gravy on bread.
Wednesday and Thursday it's gravy on toast.
That's nothin' but gravy on bread.
On Friday it's rye bread and gravy.
Saturday, whole wheat instead.
But Sunday's a treat 'cause we never get meat.
We get gravy without any bread!

Oh, grandmother likes bread and gravy,
And so does our fat uncle Jake. (He really does.)
Sister and brother like gravy on toast,
And grandpa likes gravy on cake, (with no frosting).
Now everyone's working at our house.
You can't count the money we make...."

This is the part I forgot! Then they would end the song with the lines:

"We get graaavyy, its sooo delicious.
Graaavy. Its sooo nutritious.
Gravy! Without any bread."

Also, I think I heard it on Dr. Demento.