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Thread Name: Lyr Req: Bread and Gravy
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bread and Gravy
The song has cognates:

Clint Gruber started this off by telling of a ditty made up in Stalag Luft 1 where he was at with Hub Zemke. He stated that this had been "written by a kriegie, POW, who had been in the
bag a long time, so long that he started talking like a German."

Now I've traveled this Deutschland wide over
And I've stopped at all the Gefängnislager Lufts
Some were good, some were bad, some were different
And others were the best that they had

Now this last one I stopped at was a lulu
So pretty and fine and neat
But all of us got rotes Kreuz parcels
But wait till you hear what we had to eat

On Montag we had borscht and gravy
On Dienstag was gravy and borscht
On Mittwoch and Donnerstag with gravy on toast
Which is nothing but gravy and borscht

On Freitag I went to the Gauleiter
And asked him for something instead
So on Samstag and Sonntag by via the change
We had gravy without any bread!

that is from

[PDF] 2005 05 14 8th AF Historical Society Oregon Chapter Meeting