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Posted By: wysiwyg
11-Jan-10 - 10:04 AM
Thread Name: Singing with Kytrad-Jean Ritchie in nursing home
Subject: Singing 'with' Kytrad (Jean Ritchie in n
I'm taking the liberty of starting a new thread for the telling (and well-wishing) of Jean's stay in a nursing home. I do this because:

1. I spend enough time in those places to know how music can and sometimes does fill them to overflowing;
2. I have some idea how busy the Pickows and other family/friends are at this time;
3. I want to honor the Pickows' request to sing in the New Year for (with) Jean.

So-- Mudcatters, what song do you wish you could sing in Jean's room (or nearby)?

Pickow's and friends-in-person who visit Jean, what can you tell us of Jean's stay? Does the staff have any idea "Who" they are hosting, and how are they treating y'all? I'm sure there have been many personal moments with one another you will not wish to share here, but please know that Mudcatters (posting or not) continue to think about and pray for you all, with warm gratitude for Jean's presence in our midst.

Still praying and looking to the blessings,