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20-Aug-00 - 03:55 AM
Thread Name: Help: 'The Devil's Music'
Subject: RE: Help: 'The Devil's Music'
Devil's music , (from my personal experience)is a talent given by the Devil (like the guys that say "It just popped in my head one day!) But that is also one of the worlds biggest kept secrects , as one who sells their soul to the Devil (the ones that KNOW they have by personally requesting it)Would also be the last to admit it!!!! (Think of the backlash they would suffer if they admitted it!)And then there are the many that have not personally asked him for it ,but they were granted it... because.....well I best not get into that because it's to hard to explain all the reasons. Anyway only a FEW have ever publicly admitted to selling their soul for fame, fortune, or anything else they really wanted. Robert Johnson is one that has admitted it,but you can be sure their is no solid evidence to prove it (except to those that have done it) because there has to be suspicious controversal characters and facts surrounding the methods to protect people weak of mind that could not maintain sanity if it was shown/proved to them beyond a doubt, will have an escape to also disbelieve an uncomprehendable spiritual thing. Please don't attack me or classify me as a religious nut....It's kind of like some people can draw ....some can't... but the ones that can't draw do not accuse the world of having NO artists. And some people can play music and some can't....but the ones that can't don't go around saying "There are NO musicians !!".... But why is it MANY people have religious and/or spiritual experiences ...and the ones that can't run around saying there IS no GOD or no spiritual world or any such thing!!" Why is That ?