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Posted By: Art Thieme
13-May-98 - 01:41 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: songs about the Kennedy assassination
Chris, Thanks so much!!

Believe it or not "Captain My Captain" was recorded as a song by Anthony Newley on the flip side of a real JFK assassination song: "Tribute To John F. Kennedy". Now I guess I'd better post that song!

It makes you sad to think on it how men will never learn,
Just take a look through history no matter where you turn,
We never could appreciate a good man 'til he's gone,
And we have lost the greatest man our times will look upon.

Ch) The world was stunned and silent on that cold November day,
When a mad assassin's bullet took that gallant heart away.

He died November 22nd in 1963,
He left a brave young widow with two children at her knee,
No one knows how she told them of the black and tragic day,
But the little boy saluted as the caisson moved away.

He was more than just a leader; he was really a messiah,
He had a dream for all mankind that'd set their souls afire,
That all men should be equal was the dream he had in view,
We recognized the message and we crucified him too.

He looked so young we wondered but he soon dispelled our fears,
He had a kind of wisdom that was far beyond his years,
He worked so hard all through the day; the night brought no relief,
His lamp burned bright all through the night--he had to keep the peace.

He had the gift of laughter--a gentle comic sense,
He'd be the first to laugh at any joke at his expense,
For great men know their pomp and pride are empty shadows play,
For all men will be equal on that final judgment day.

His passing left a family to face the world alone,
A brave courageous widow with a courage all her own,
She slowly took her wedding ring and placed it on his hand,
And the story of it carries like a legend through the land.

It's hard to find a moral in this dread catastrophe,
But he will not have died in vain if we can guarantee,
The next time that the likes of him is set down in this land,
We'll all forget our differences and give a helping hand.