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Posted By: Jo Taylor
20-Aug-00 - 04:25 PM
Thread Name: Me flute's gone wobbly...
Subject: RE: Me flute's gone wobbly...
Thanks all for your suggestions. Yes, it's a silver plated one, Rudall Carte. I've tried cling film (that's what saran wrap is?) and plumbers' tape - too thick. I've used the other things (not dental floss or hemp though) on wooden instruments, but can't get a tight seal on this one. 'Spaw's suggestion (the first one!!)looks like the way to do it. What is a mandrell?

I'll see what I can find out about instrument repairers over here. Roger, I'm in Normandy, France. I'd hate to have bodge job done and lose my trusted friend. My guitar had its head broken off earlier this year - accident in a bar - it had been with me for 26 years and to be parted from it is awful. It's gone to hospital (a trusted friend and luthier in England) for painstaking repair work, I would have been loath to entrust it to someone whose work I don't know.

Thanks again for the input!