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Posted By: GUEST,Joerg
20-Aug-00 - 10:51 PM
Thread Name: Gender and the soprano voice
Subject: RE: Gender and the soprano voice
Thank you, Alice, for reminding me that quick work isn't always good work. I'd been at but clicking on one of the CD covers just didn't come to my mind. Shame on me - normally I am the one who's preaching great sermons against 'quick and dirty' behaviour. Now I'm caught myself...

Andrés - having now listened to Shakira: Hehe - that's not what we call singing but that's business. I've been suspecting for quite a while that the majority of people who pay for music do not enjoy the music itself but rather things happening when there's music. Well, if you want to earn money for music don't try to sell them music - sell them things happening, even if what is happening happens to your voice...

What she's doing there seems to be something which can sound quite good when done by a man and in some controlled way: I think that is exactly what happens when a woman 'sings' falsetto. At least it seems to work - with much effort and few result (but maybe some income).

To give you an example what I was thinking of when I mentioned 'breaking of the voice' I have looked for some good sample of alpine yodeling - with a little success: Listen to Tiroler Bravour-Jodler from CD Franzl Lang: Der Koenigsjodler

That is not quite what I wanted but it should give you some expression of what professional yodlers are doing. You might also notice that being a good yodler doesn't mean also being a good singer (Sorry, Franzl) and (especially) vice versa: I don't believe that the good singers I know can yodel at all. Singing and yodeling are different things. But yodeling techniques can also be used in normal singing (Franzl does so, as WW) and this can create charming effects, also without leaving your normal vocal range but just doing it differently. It is of course forbidden in 'classical' singing; this and some things that are allowed there instead (and should be forbidden IMHO) make me object a little to that classical style.

BTW - nice to hear that Shakira has developed a little. So have I.