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Posted By: Barbara Shaw
13-May-98 - 09:19 AM
Thread Name: Banjo Jokes
Subject: Banjo Jokes

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Why do you suppose banjos and banjo players are the butt of jokes in acoustic circles? I have several theories, being a banjo-wife. In fact, I sometimes think banjos ARE the joke. (I've noticed in classical circles, the violas are usually the scapegoat). After considering forming a banjo-wife support group (those of you who live with a banjo will understand the problem and be familiar with the disease), I decided to start a thread to air my favorite (latest) banjo jokes.

The man drove to the store and left his banjo exposed on the back seat while he ran in. Knew he shouldn't have done it. Sure enough, when he got back to the car he discovered that someone had broken in and left two more.