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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
19-Jan-10 - 05:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: PC or Mac nicely, please!
Subject: RE: BS: PC or Mac nicely, please!
I have a Mac with a partitioned hard drive, and think the dual-boot capability is deffo the way to go. I like the graphics and text-handling much better on the Mac, and if you write seriously - as I know you do - there's a wonderful Apple-only programme called Scrivener that you would love (which will instantly convert anything to/from a Word doc if you tell it to). Its website is called Literature and Latte*, and I can't recommend it highly enough. You can organise your text/notes/summaries/research materials in a whole variety of ways and don't have to think in straight lines, as you do with a word processor. (I first heard about it in an article from the Society of Authors' trade journal, not as an advert but from an enthusiastic writer who had nothing financially to gain from endorsing it).

I like Apple best for some tasks, and still prefer Windows for others, so having the two platforms on one machine works wonderfully for me. I can tell you from experience that if you've used a PC for a long time, there will be certain applications you'll feel "homesick" for and cut off from if you make too radical a change, and this way you don't isolate yourself from anything.

Do be sure to investigate options such as the programmes Parallels or Virtual Machine (? I think it's called) before actually partitioning the drive, because these accomplish the same thing but work in a different way, so this may be the best answer for you; but it needs a separate thread and I don't have the expertise to advise, though there are Mudcat Maccies around who do.

Also of course the Apple is much more secure, so I use it for all my email and internetting. I don't know if the "virtual" option I mentioned above is as secure online. With my partitioned drive the two are completely separate (getting from one to the other requires a reboot, which Parallels/VM apparently don't) so I simply don't use the Windows side on the web, though of course one can have both.

Best of luck in whatever you decide - keep us posted. (Almost feels like moving house, doesn't it? Maybe they should have computer-warming parties...)