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Posted By: LilyFestre
20-Jan-10 - 02:34 PM
Thread Name: on to Life!
Subject: RE: BS: LilyFestre -Surgery UPDATE comfort etc welcome
I went to the healing mass at church today and fell asleep about 5 minutes after the service on the ride home. My staple area is kind of itchy and a little bit pokey and the nurse said both of those are fine. The itchiness is actually a sign of healing, so GOOD! I have been able to take a shower...actually, I could have had one the day after my surgery if I wanted but waiting until the following day....just can't have the water aimed at my incision's ok to be wet and even if soap gets on it....but no direct water pressure allowed.

It's hard for me to believe but this is only my 2nd day at home. Feels like much longer and I feel like I should be doing more but am going to just hang out and nap like I'm supposed to. :)

And John? The jammies have now changed to a green and navy blue plaid, complete with white compression stockings.....I'm telling you, I am BOOTIFUL! And my prayer shawl is right here too..........

;) Michelle