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Posted By: Jim Dixon
20-Jan-10 - 07:48 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Pee po belly bum drawers (Flanders, Swann
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Pee po belly bum drawers also lists the song title as P** P* B**** B** D******. It's listed that way on two albums: "The Bestiary of Flanders & Swann" (1964) and on "The Complete Flanders & Swann" (1994). is not given to the use of euphemism. They list 50 recordings named FUCK, 244 named FUCK YOU and so on. also lists it as P** P* B**** B** D******.

I'm rather sure Flanders and Swann wanted their song to be listed that way.

If you ask me, songs that use euphemism, metaphor, circumlocution, double-entendre, etc., in a creative way are nearly always much funnier than those that use flat-out obscenities.

Therefore the clever use of euphemism (etc.) is more likely to be the deliberate choice of the original songwriters than evidence that someone else has expurgated the song.