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Posted By: LilyFestre
21-Jan-10 - 09:52 PM
Thread Name: on to Life!
Subject: RE: BS: LilyFestre -UPDATE - she's home, resting:-)
Today was too much. I was falling asleep at the table. Spent the next 6 hours sleeping at Mom's. Another staple fell out. Some questionable stuff is going on around my navel so I called for Home Health to come tomorrow and check it out. The last thing I want or need is an infection.

I'm staying home tomorrow and probably until next week when I have my Dr.'s appointment. I overdid today. Found my wall. BANG.

And weight? I'm down about 20 pounds since December. Can't eat much...nurse said my appetite would be the last thing to come back. Mom brought me home with a pot roast, complete with veggies. Normally I LOVE that but today it just doesn't smell good to me. Pete enjoyed it for his dinner and is unhappy with me that I didn't have any. I had yogurt. I'm not hungry and most stuff is just unappealing. And garlic? Something I previously used LOTS the smell of it makes my stomach churn.

Anyway.....I'm tired, have been kinda teary today too.

Goodnight Friends.