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Posted By: Will Fly
22-Jan-10 - 05:18 AM
Thread Name: Nick Drake - hype and reality
Subject: RE: Nick Drake - hype and reality
I personally think much of it goes back to Davy Graham...

I hope I made it clear in the opening post and a later comment that, as far as I'm concerned, it's not a question of "hating" NDs music. That would be stupid and pointless. Not caring for it, or caring for it very much is a matter of taste. It's the (to me) over-blown-ness of the aura surrounding him, which borders on the mythic. Tortured soul, unusual tunings, moody songs, stage-fright and shyness, early death in sad circumstances - all appear to be elements which, in the media circus, amplify his talents.

Not everyone treats his music in this way - but the people interviewed in the Culture Show appeared to be like sheep in their blanket reverence. Even dear old Danny Thompson (NOT Richard's brother, by the way) was spouting tosh, as other posters have indicated.