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Posted By: GUEST
22-Jan-10 - 12:14 PM
Thread Name: Five Penny/Fivepenny Piece (English Folk Group)
Subject: RE: Fivepenny Piece (GREAT NOTHERN THRASH BAND)
Ey upp, Sithee,

T' Fivepenny Piece worn't a Foowak groowap as them's naan, burr a reit comical band as wor er still ar' a full bloowan entataynmunt axperrians! Nah then!

Ef tha wents ter get thissen inta't coowar on em, than mun lissen ter theeyer "Wheer's thez much thez brass"   An' appen tha maht lahkke "Unkil Joowa's Mint Balls" an' all.

Onct tha fahnds 'em, tha'll nivver loohk bak an' wesh tha wor harkin' ter sech as 'Enri Croozo, nor Pottso'them Damdingos, noe even yon ither Yowksha lad, Eelthis Present-See.

So, i' preparayshun cleeahn all't wex aut o' thi lugoils and hark thi best.

Nah then!