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Posted By: Howard Jones
22-Jan-10 - 12:53 PM
Thread Name: Nick Drake - hype and reality
Subject: RE: Nick Drake - hype and reality
The 1970s was the time I started to get heavily involved in folk, but I don't recall hearing of Nick Drake or his songs until he recently began to be hyped as a folk icon.

Now his music's been revived it probably sounds quite unusual and original to modern ears. However at the time the clubs were full of singer-songwriters all turning out this sort of stuff. He doesn't sound particularly distinctive to me. Most of them fell, like ND, into obscurity. Unlike him, most hadn't been recorded.

Admittedly, his stuff's not my cup of tea, and by then the folk scene had polarised into "traditional" and "contemporary" clubs with not much overlap, and I was on the trad side of the fence.