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Posted By: Amos
23-Jan-10 - 05:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
SO westarted out, and the dogs behaved
For the first ten or twenty miles.
The sun was bright on the tundra ice
And the huskies even smiled.
Fer there's nothing a husky loves as well
As loping an open plain
When the ice is bright and the sun is right
And his paws still free of pain.

And as the sun began declinin', we felt all in control,
And the country opened wide as wide
And each of us felt his soul
Grow out to the furthest frozen pine
Past the edge of that frozen day.
And the air was hushed while the huskies mushed
Toward that Thirty Four of Kay.

We camped for the night on a high bluff bright
As silver in a setting sun.
And the dogs stepped out of their traces
And we fed them, every one.
Then they turned their tired heads away,
Each to a corner lone,
And turned around a time or two
And settled with a moan.

"It eight and forty now", said Ma,
And we're grateful for our luck!
No bad breaks on the trail this far,
Nor not a sled's been stuck!
And as the moon was coming up
A cold far cry did play
Against the face of the rising moon
Far short of the next of Kay.

It was lonesome as a midnight prayer
And icy, bold, and wild,
Like the call of the maddened wolverine
Or the scream of the man-wolf child.
And it cut our bones and it pierced our souls
And did every man dismay,
For an evil will was boding ill
That we'd never make that Kay.