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Posted By: Nathan Sarvis (
04-Mar-97 - 08:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Snowdeer? / Snow Deer
Subject: RE: Snowdeer
I've learned this as an instrumental and only recently heard the words. Its on t he tape "Over the Edge" by Mountain Fling (700 Tower Rd, Christianburg, VA 24073) . The words go by so fast I had trouble understanding them all, but here's how it sounds. If anyone has corrections, please post them. Snow Deer Sweet Snow Deer mine, moon will shine through the pine while Mohawk sleeps; Let u s creep to the vale, your cowboy lover, your heart will cover, Don't hesitate; it is late, ponies wait for you and me by the tree in the valley Come cease sleepin g. Let's hit the trail. (Chorus) My pretty Snowdeer say you'll go, dear; From your side I'll never part; Every trail leads to your heart. It's time to marry, no time to tarry. Let me ca rry you from here, my sweet Snow Deer