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Posted By: Ferrara
21-Aug-00 - 11:30 PM
Thread Name: Italian Mudcatters gather here!
Subject: RE: Italian Mudcatters gather here!
Fedele, as you know, I'm Italian-American, so not really what you are looking for. Is it possible that you are the lone native Italian Mudcatter presently living in Italy?

Always remember that unlike my husband, not every 'Catter is on the 'Cat every day. Refresh this thread from time to time so that a variety of people can see it.

Lena, what was the name of your Italian folk thread? I only get on here two or three times a week usually and I missed it.

Years ago, a Mudcatter asked for the words to "C'e' 'na luna 'mmiez' 'a mare." (I'm not too sure how the Neapolitan is spelled.) I sent him the words and a translation, and we had some very nice conversations after that. But Italian threads are not too common. I only know a few genuine folk songs, most are Neapolitan parlor songs such as 'O Sole Mio.

Rita Ferrara