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Posted By: Joe Offer
26-Jan-10 - 05:37 PM
Thread Name: Posting Policy / No Anonymous Guests
Subject: RE: Posting Policy / No Anonymous Guests
Allow me to repeat something from the first message of this thread (8 April 2008):
Also, please note that the list in the second message (30 July 2008) includes this:This requirement also applies to members who are posting as Guests for some reason - they are expected to use their regular posting name. If you need to change your posting name for some reason, that can be arranged - but first clear it through Joe Offer, Big Mick, or Max.

At Mudcat, you are free to say pretty much what you like - as long as people know who you are. We review and control all Guest messages, but we generally do not review the content of messages posted by people with consistent identities. We do respond to specific complaints about personal attacks or outright racism, but we try to allow this community to regulate itself by nonaggressive self-policing. We figure that as long as people in this community are known by consistent identities, most people will behave in a civil manner - and those who do not behave will not earn the high regard of their fellow participants, and they may learn to behave in order to win that esteem. It also requires the community to learn to tolerate or ignore minor misbehavior, and not to allow it to ruin the train of discussion. It doesn't always work, and we do have to intervene at times; but in many ways, it works amazingly well.

We fully realize that this is not the way that most Internet forums work, but we rather like it this way. Monitoring the content of messages posted in this forum would be an arduous, tedious, arbitrary, and near-impossible task, so we focus our editing on ensuring the identity of posters.

As stated above, we do not usually allow Forum discussions of Mudcat policy; but we are happy to discuss policy matters by personal message or e-mail, because private communication allows us to give an honest response.

-Joe Offer-