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Posted By: Lena
22-Aug-00 - 03:44 AM
Thread Name: Italian Mudcatters gather here!
Subject: RE: Italian Mudcatters gather here!
Oh,great.Great!!!!Ya see?!We bloody try to get rid of yankies,pommies,aussies,and they come around more than before!!!Not even italian stops mudcatters!!!!

There is one of the greatest italian songs ever(for me..)called Tammurriata Nera. Tammurriata is the name of a very sensual dance at least 2500 years old.'Tammurriata Nera' came out after the WW2,when poor black american soldiers were sent to Naples.a bit for love,a bit for the sake of getting a bit of chocholate and bread to feed the family,girls in Naples had many affairs with those soldiers.You can imagine the faces of old peasants in naples when they saw black children being born!!!They couldn't explain why Morocco babies were coming out from white women.Of course you can imagine why.This song talks about it.It is hilarious,powerful,captivating,and sad.Especially when it says"E Churcillo vecchio pazzo c'ha venduto o' materazze",meaning " Old fool Churchill sold Usa the materasses for this..."(you can understand the bitterness when you think that when the Army liberated Italy,they had fun bombing and killing poor italians in the hills for fun.Many of my friends' relatives had brothers and sisters killed like was a hard time).But there is no racism and it is also full of life ,wisdom and irony, when for example quotes conversations in the streets among people.I wanted to translate it on the Mudcat,but the heavy sexual slang is so tipically dialectal and I can't find a substitute in english.I'd need your help,maybe.

Callie,i wanted to sing Tammurriata nera on friday nights but it requires a well trained voice.I think you'd do so good,I'lhave to give you the lyrics...