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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
27-Jan-10 - 04:11 AM
Thread Name: Trad English song & the BNP
Subject: RE: Trad English song & the BNP
I am glad to see that Koch's article does mention the revulsion from the folk fraternity but Eliza is still quite right to point out that the flippant remark about 'No prozes' etc. could do the image of English folk music a lot of harm.

Unfortunately the far right have been fed the opportunity to embrace English folk by the attitude that the media have had to English tradition for years. How many TV adverts show Morris dance as something risable? There is a currently running campaign that uses folk music in a derogatory sense to advertise whatever their product is - I have blanked it I'm afraid but I am sure someone will remember. It is right at the top as well. Who was that minister who's idea of hell was a night in a folk club? The far right have seen this attack on our traditions as coming from the dilution of our culture by immigration.

We know of course that this is nonsense but when large sections of the populace are so easily led by the media and 'pop culture' there is always the danger that press will drive these self-fulfilling prophecies for their own ends. And while the mainstream is allowed to get away with these attacks, other people will use them for their own politcal agendas.

We need to be vigilant, not just of the arseholes within the BNP but of the even bigger ones that try to feed us the twaddle that passes as news nowadays.

Well done, Eliza, for bringing someone to task over it. It is ironic that the same media that causes these problems is giving us the opportunity to redress the balance so well done the Guardian for publishing it as well. Now, how about lobbying for some protection of our heritage to your local MPs as well? It has become more than a cultural issue now!