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Posted By: PoppaGator
29-Jan-10 - 11:55 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Witcha Way to Go (Huey 'Piano' Smith)
Subject: RE: Lyrics wanted: Huey 'Piano' Smith
I figured might be able to help if I listened; I never heard of this particular song, but I am familiar with a lot of this artist's material and generally have no trouble understanding the lyrics. Bobby Marchand (vocalist of The Clowns; Huey himself led the band on piano but did not sing) generally enunciated quite clearly, unlike many others from his time and place.

(Also, having lived in New Orleans for several decades would probably help me decipher the dialect...)

However, when I went to YouTube to search for the video you didn't understand, no such item seems to exist. Or, at least, I couldn't find it. Maybe it exists, but at some site other than YouTube. Can you provide a link?

For those unfamiliar with Huey's work, it was quintessential "good-time" music from the early-early rock 'n' roll era. Here's a pageful of YouTube links to various numbers:

(Actually, you'll probably find that you ARE familiar with at least a few of these songs, true classics that have been covered by many artists in more recent years.)