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30-Jan-10 - 08:56 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Take Me to the Land of Jazz
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: TAKE ME TO THE LAND OF JAZZ
I've been working on "Take me to the Land of Jazz" (Edgar Leslie / Bert Kalmar, 1919) for a while. Lowe Stokes and his North Georgians recorded an amazing version which is supposed to include the first recorded example of country flatpicking. It's Awesome.

Here is the link to the file on

Anyway, I tried to work out the chords from the original sheet music (at the Lester Levy collection) and transposed them from Bb to C. They don't sound exactly right to me. Especially the Am at the end of the first line. What do you guys think?

TAKE ME TO THE LAND OF JAZZ - Lyrics - International Lyrics Playground
(Edgar Leslie / Bert Kalmar,   1919)

C      D7      G7    Am
It was down in Tennessee
C       D7    G7 Am
That the Jazzy melody,
C    Cdim D7 D7   F+5 D7    C   D9 G7
Origina---ted then wait-ed for popularity;

C      D7    G7   Am
Now in every cabaret,
C       D7   G7         Am
It's the only thing they play,
C                  A7                        
I love to hear it, must be near it;
That's why I say:

Take me to the Land of Jazz,
Let me hear the kind of blues that Memphis has;
I want to step,
    D7                  D7b5       G7
To a tune that's full of ginger and pep;
Pick 'em up and lay 'em down,
Am    E7 Am Dm E7
Learn to Raz ma taz,
Let me give you a warning,
D7                         G7
We won't get home until morning;
'Cause everybody's full of Jazzbo;
G7                   C
In the lovin' Land of Jazz."

There is music in each breeze
Even trombones grow on trees,
You hear 'em moaning and groaning their tuneful harmonies;
Every cotton planter's son,
When he meets his lovin' "hon,"
Is simply pestered and requested;
To join the fun.