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Posted By: LilyFestre
01-Feb-10 - 10:19 AM
Thread Name: on to Life!
Subject: RE: BS: LilyFestre -UPDATE - she's home, resting:-)
Yeah well, church wasn't the best idea I had.....I wasn't comfortable at all.....hard seats are painful after just a few was good for my spirits but kinda hard on the body.

I am weepy today. The bottom of my wound is healing very nicely but the top....well, it's not. I called my local Dr. today and she's not in. Got to speak to a nurse who said that my surgeon needed to see me. I pointed out that my local Dr. is the one who took a sample of the yuk and gave me antibiotics to begin with and why won't they see me. She passed me on to another nurse who was better. She said they have the preliminary results back to match the infection to the antibiotic. She was going to call the hospital to see about the final results which they may have but not have sent over just yet and at 10:30, the head Dr. comes in and she's going to talk to him about what's going on with me and give me a call back. In the meantime, I'm showered, put some antibiotic cream along my incision, steri-stripped it with my homemade band-aid kind of way because I don't have steri-strips and a 4x4 gauze patch over my belly button area.

I haven't thrown anything yet but I have done some from the gut words...just screaming in my empty house. Once it's out, I feel better. And tired. I'm tired all the time and it seems I sleep a lot. That's good for me, I know.

Today I am going to spend the day at Mom's house....most likely on the couch where I will sleep or read. I am hoping to go to yoga just sit on my mat or lay down or legs up the wall....whatever is just be in a space I love with people I love and am missing (it's been over a month since I've been there I think). No yoga....just yoga people and yoga space....maybe a little yoga nidra...we'll see.

Anyway, I'm amazed that you think I do a lot because I feel like the world's biggest slug. I shower and sleep. Eat, sleep. Pet the dog, sleep. Eat, sleep. Answer the phone and sleep. You get the idea....

And how is it that I can't feel that there are parts of my body missing? That freaks me out. No uterus. No fallopian tubes. No ovaries yet I don't feel an emptiness in those come?

What I do feel is that my belly button is trying to escape...feels like it's pulling itself out to make a mad dash to somewhere warm. I don't know. Weird but true.

Michelle who just had Boost and 11 pills for breakfast. YUM.