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Posted By: SINSULL
22-Aug-00 - 11:53 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger's banjo -- RETURNED
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger's banjo -- RETURNED
Children! I am not sure how I got stuck in the back seat with you brats but I am fed up! Knock it off! Mbo, show a little respect. You can learn a lot from Kendall. And Kendall, zip up your GD pants. This is neither the time nor the place.

Pete Seeger got his banjo back. We are here to celebrate. And if you two don't cut it out (and if Pete leaves it on the roof again), I am going to beat you both senseless with it.

In lieu of that, I am going to scream "Kumbaya" at the top of my lungs from here to Florida and back until you agree to respect each others opinions.

Mbo,I just finished expounding on your "A" student status, brilliant talent both in writing and performing, your native intelligence and sensitivity to a certain young lady. And now this! And Kendall!!!Have you not read the news about the spread of HIV among internet users? What are you thinking man? And besides, several of us thought you were saving yourself for us.

OOOPPS, that's not folk or blues is it?