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06-Feb-10 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add:The Ballad of Stalin (songs about Stalin)
Subject: Lyr Add: Ballad of Stalin (MacColl)(fragment)
Joe Stalin was a mighty man, a mighty man was he.
He led the Soviet people on the road to victory.
All through the revolution he fought at Lenin's side,
And they made a combination till the day that Lenin died.

Joe Stalin was a southerner, in Georgia he was born
Where the oranges grow thick and fast, and fields of waving corn.
And Joe he was a farmer, his fingers they were green
And he has planted the biggest crop the world has ever seen.

One day he looked upon the map and frowned and shook his head:
'There's too much brown and not enough green', these are the words he said,
'We'll have to change the weather, boys' he said and then he smiled,
'So let's begin by planting trees along three thousand miles.'

Joe Stalin was a mighty man and he made a mighty plan;
He harnessed nature to the plough to work for the good of man.
He's hammered out the future, the forgeman he has been,
And he's made the worker's state the best the world has ever seen.