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Posted By: Joe_F
07-Feb-10 - 08:13 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add:The Ballad of Stalin (songs about Stalin)
Subject: RE: Req/Add: The Ballad of Stalin (Ewan MacColl)
May as well save the other & busier Joe the trouble:

Saw you first on a winter's morning
When the fields were deep in snow --
Saw you smile and smelled the springtime in you,
Though your name I did not know.

    O, Stalinvarosh!
    O, Stalinvarosh!
    O, Stalinvarosh!

By the side of the frozen Danube,
Where you planted steel and stone --
Saw a town from the turned-up soil come rising,
Stalinvarosh, your new home.

Rosy red her cheeks, like apples;
Like ripe corn, her yellow hair --
She was building Stalinvarosh steel-town,
Lost my heart to her standing there.

Though the sky was cold and stormy,
Still the dove was on the wing --
Saw it rise from Number Three blast furnace,
Heard it sing through the hammer's ring.

Saw you dance when the day's work ended,
Saw you smile and heard you sing --
Dreamed a dream of a Stalinvarosh summer,
Of the harvest your work will bring.

Go on building, my pretty little darling,
And your song will never end --
And the dove will next in Stalinvarosh,
All her days with you she'll spend.

(TTTO "Down the Lane", it says.)