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Posted By: Bryn Pugh
09-Feb-10 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: Really Really Important Poem
Subject: RE: Really Really Important Poem
The boy stood on the burning deck
His arse against the mast.
He dared not move a fucking inch
Till the dreaded bummer passed.

This bummer was a crafty sod
He threw the lad a fritter.
The lad bent down to pick it up -
WHAM !! Six inches up his shitter.

In the merry month of Liverpool
In the City of July,
The rain was snowing heavily
And the streets were desert dry.
The elephant is a bonny bird
Which flies across the sky -
It makes its nest in rhubarb trees
And yodels like a fly.

Davy Crockett
Built a rocket.
The rocket went "bang !",
His ball went clang
And he found his prick in a pocket.

When I was young I had no sense
I ripped my bollocks on a barbed-wire fence.
Off to the doctor's I did go
Balls and all I had to show.
He set me on a ten foot stool
And cut four inches off my tool.
When I came home my sister laughed
To see a broom without a shaft.

(I'll get me Barbour . . . )