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Posted By: Cuilionn
09-Feb-10 - 09:41 AM
Thread Name: Really Really Important Poem
Subject: RE: Really Really Important Poem

I wish my eyes were green instead of brown.
I wish my stomach went in instead of out.
I wish he would stand on the top of the tallest building and shout,
"I love you, Amanda!"

One more wish:
I wish my name was Amanda.

--Judith Viorst


College of Cardinals,
Nervously rising to
Whisper its will:
"Rather than being so
Can't we just quietly
Swallow the Pill?"

--James Lipton


Consider the egg. It's a miracle,
A thing so diverse for its size
That we hardly can help growing lyrical
When given the Pullet Surprise.

The scope of this peerless comestible
Must drive other foods to despair
Since it's not only fully digestible
But great for shampooing the hair.

It's boilable, poachable, fryable;
It scrambles, it makes a sauce thicken.
It's also the only reliable
Device for producing a chicken.

--Felicia Lamport