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Posted By: Geoff the Duck
10-Feb-10 - 10:25 AM
Thread Name: pdf music notation to sound!!
Subject: RE: pdf music notation to sound!!
My postings seem to be vanishing into the ether. I commented last night, but it hasn't arrived. Here is a second comment which also didn't arrive a minute back... (good job I copied this time)

In theory, as long as the music programme produces it's PDF with a structure describing the positioning of note heads, stems, bar lines and such, PDFtoMusic ought to allow it to be played. It doesn't work if the PDF is equivalent to a photo of a page, and as such does not contain specific data describing what is or isn't a note.
That said, when I have tried using the software using tunes with sharps, they are displayed visually as they would, but the sound files produced sometimes play a Natural note rather than a Sharp (produces some interesting modal sounding melodies). Don't know if it depends on what has produced the PDF, of if it is a glitch in the programme, which may in future be fixed.
PDFtoMusic allows you to export in various formats including MusicXML, which can be used with other assorted programmes, for further editing of the music.