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Posted By: LilyFestre
10-Feb-10 - 04:49 PM
Thread Name: on to Life!
Subject: RE: BS: LilyFestre -UPDATE - she's home, resting:-)

My chemo Dr. called this afternoon to let me know the results of yesterday's bloodwork!

Prior to my surgery, my cancer antigen test (aka CA-125) result was over 500. Normal CA-125 is 35. As you can see, mine was ridiculously high. This is NOT used as a diagnostic tool, although sometimes it is an indicator of a malignancy...but more often it is used as a prognostic tool.

Anyway, today the Chemo Dr. called to tell me that my CA-125 is 34!!!!!! That is an amazing and dramatic change that indicates no cancer issues!!!!!!

Also, I've been quite anemic...number required for this test for surgery is 10. My last blood test before I left the hospital showed a result of 7.5. Since that time I've been taking some hefty amounts of prescribed iron pills. As of yesterday's test, my result is 12.5!!!!

All other bloodwork tests came back normal. This means I'm going into the chemo on Tuesday AS STRONG AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!

I told the Dr. that when I got off the phone I was going to do a happy dance and that I loved him!!! He giggled!!!! :)