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Posted By: Fadac
23-Aug-00 - 08:32 PM
Thread Name: What are the best Vietnam era songs?
Subject: RE: What are the best Vietnam era songs?
Hmm, I remember something called "Indian Lake" was playing a lot while I was in boot camp. We would all sing along Wooo Wooo as we mopped the floor, shined boots etc. During both tours the 1,2,3 were all going to die song was popular. Then so was "Puff the magic dragon" Which reminds me, we got way into the doo doo one night and Puff came along and saved our butts.

Myself, I don't even listen to the folks crying about the "poor vets" anymore. I have seen many folks carring signs, "Unemployed VietNam Vet" etc. However that war was about 40 years ago. Most of the sign carriers I see here in Ca. would have been about 9 years old during the war. No matter what anybody tells ya, no nine year olds were drafted. At least by LBJ.