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Posted By: Marcus Campus Bellorum
23-Aug-00 - 10:38 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Musselburgh Fair and Musselburgh Field
Subject: The Two Musselburgh Songs
I am confused about two songs.

Musselburgh Fair and Musselburgh Field.

I did ask about these two when I was a guest. Now that I have membership status I will ask again and see what happens.

From what I can determine they are very different songs (one English and one Scottish) I am interested in the Scottish version

Does anyone know if the tune for the following lyrics is similar to "The Lachlan Tigers" tune? MUSSELBURGH FIELD On the tenth day of December, And the fourth yeere of King Edwards raigne, Att Musleboorrowe, as I remember, Two goodly hosts there mett on a plaine All that night they camped there, Soe did the Scotts, both stout and stubborne; But, "Welladay," it was their song, For we haue taken them in their owne turne.

The site aussie folk songs url= states that Musselburgh Fair (not field) has the same tune. Are Musselburgh Field and Musselburgh Fair the same song?

hI aLL,

Now that I am a member again. . . I will revive one of my unsuccessful requests.

Mark here: Does anyone know the words and chords for AL lloyds Musselburgh Fair?

Apparently the tune for Lachlan Tigers is the same as Musselburgh Fair. It'd be nice to be able to put the two sets of lyrics together. Can anyone help??? A band called Jack the Lad did a song called something like Tinker Taylor Knickerbocker Lineman which was partly sung in Welsh. It had the same tune as Lachlan Tigers. I heard them at the 97 Woodford Festival in Australia. Cocky's Joy from Bathurst Australia did a version of Lachlan Tigers that is damned good. The Bushwackers do a version of Lachlan Tigers too. It is not a powerful as Cocky's Joy's version (and that is really saying something).

The Lachlan River begins in the hills behind Goulburn in NSW Australia. It then flows into Wyalgala Dam (where it joins with the Abercrombie River). It then flows through places like Cowra (and I think Forbes) and then into the Macquarie.

The amount of shearers along the length of that river would be huge. There are still a lot of Lachlan Tigers. I understand that Musselburgh Fair is a day of horse races (Trotting - Pacers - Harness Racing). It is interesting to think of how a song about a race day in Edinburgh (I think) was adapted for a song about shearers in central west NSW Australia. I found the link between Musselburgh Fair and Lachlan Tigers on another web site.

The same tune is used for 'The Station Cook' and 'The Great Northern Line' one of Sally Sloane's songs. The tune is from the Scottish song 'Musselburgh Fair'. From the singing of A.L.Lloyd.

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