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Posted By: Ross Campbell
12-Feb-10 - 07:35 PM
Thread Name: The Lorelei vs. Tomorrow Belongs to Me
Subject: RE: The Lorelei vs. Tomorrow Belongs to Me
Lyrics here. for "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" (Kander & Ebb).

In the stage production, the MC sets up the song on a gramophone, with the waiters and MC coming in at appropriate points. In the film, it's presented like this:-

Cabaret - Tomorrow Belongs to Me

In 1987, even the assistance of Spitting Image in this Election Special failed to prevent Neil Kinnock and the Labour Party wresting defeat from the jaws of victory:-

Spitting Image Election Special - Tomorrow Belongs to Me

And if Alex Harvey sang it, it's gotta be OK to sing in folk clubs, right?

Not forgetting "Die Lorelei", one of a bunch of German folk-songs I learned at Balfron High School 1963-1967 from "Herr" Coupar, who could well have learned them thirty or forty years before that, overlapping the beginning of the Nazi era. "Du, du, liegst mir im Herzen" and "In Einem Kuhlen Grunde" are a couple of the others - anything that could be sung to the accompaniment of a swinging Stein seemed to be favoured. (Student Songs, maybe, rather than folk-songs, but widely popular).

Here's a version by one of my father's favourite singers, Richard Tauber:-

Die Lorelei -Richard Tauber, acc. Percy Kahn