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Posted By: GUEST,Fibula Mattock
24-Aug-00 - 04:50 AM
Thread Name: So What's YOUR Entrance Music?
Subject: RE: So What's YOUR Entrance Music?
CarolC, the line you're missing from Red Dwarf is "goldfish shoals, nibbling at my toes"!
I would like "Don't forget your shovel..." for those good ol' times when I was working outdoors in a pile of freezing muck (was it really only 8 months ago...? Ah, those halcyon days!).
Also, the Mission Imposible II theme tune by Limp Bizkit. Me and my friends drove overnight from Chicago to Memphis in May. That was always on the radio and we adopted it as our roadtrip theme tune. For the last two hours of our journey we drove through a lightning storm that lit the sky from horizon to flat horizon. It was amazing - cloud to ground forked lightning and huge hail. Then someone put on an Elvis tape and the whole thing turned into a surreal David-Lynch-type-moment. Spectacular. I am now convinced that nobody does weather better than the Americans.

By the way, with the fear of starting thread creep, wouldn't it be so much more interesting if real life had a soundtrack, and a 24-piece orchestra could pop up behind you and play appropriate music at significant moments? Think of the relevant music for those special times!