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Posted By: John Minear
15-Feb-10 - 11:56 AM
Thread Name: From SF to Sydney - 1853 Shanties Sung?
Subject: RE: From SF to Sydney - 1853 Shanties Sung?
I'm going to list the shanties that I found in Hugill's SHANTIES FROM THE SEVEN SEAS (1961) that may have been in some way influenced by Southern Black culture. In some cases, it may be the whole song and in others only a certain version of a song that is involved. I realize that the history of the interaction of minstrel songs with Black culture is complicated, but for my present purposes, I am assuming that these songs were influenced by Black culture.

This list follows a chronological reading from Hugill's book, and there are several editions to this book, so I will not list page numbers this time.

"My Dollar And A Half A Day" ("Lowlands")
"Stormalong", especially:
   "Walk Me Along, Johnny" &
   "Yankee John, Stormalong"
"Round The Bay Of Mexico"
"A Long Time Ago"
"Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye"
"Roll The Old Chariot"
"Roll The Cotton Down"
"Roll The Woodpile Down"
"Sally Brown" (?)
"A Rolling Down The River"
"Goodnight Ladies"
"Rolling Home By The Silvery Moon"
"Knock A Man Down"
"Huckleberry Picking"
"Hilo, Johnny Brown"
"Shallow Brown"
"Johnny Come Down To Hilo"
"The Gal With the Blue Dress On"
"Ten Stone"
"The Hog-eye Man"
"John, Come Tell Us As We Haul Away"
"Johnny Bowker"
"Heave Away" ("I'd rather court a yellow gal than work for Henry Clay")
"The Old Moke Pickin' On The Banjo"
"Gimme My Banjo"
"Run, Let The Bullgine Run"
"Clear The Track, Let The Bullgine Run"
"Roller Bowler"
"Good Mornin' Ladies All"
"Walk Along My Rosie"
"Coal Black Rosie"
"Bunch O Roses" (?)
"Way, Me Susiana"
"Poor Lucy Ann"
"Doodle Let Me Go"
"Whup Jamboree"
"Round The Corner Sally"
"Sister Susan"/"Shinbone Al"
"Walkalong, Miss Susiana Brown"
"Southern Ladies"
"Miss Lucy Long"
"Dixie Land" / "Sing A Song, Blow-Along O!"
"Gumtree Canoe"
"One More Day"
"Dance The Boatman"
"Bully In The Alley"
"Cheer Up, Sam" (?)

My criteria for placing a song on this list are:

Hugill mentions some connection with Southern Black culture, or
Another shanty collector mentions such a connection, or
Connections show up in non-shanty sources      

I am aware that in a couple of cases, Hugill attributes a song to a Caribbean source. In that case, either his source makes mention of the Gulf Ports or some other collector has another version of the same song independent of the Caribbean.