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Posted By: Acorn4
16-Feb-10 - 08:02 AM
Thread Name: Paul Metsers: Vinyl to CD
Subject: RE: Paul Metsers: Vinyl to CD
Lose Myself in You

1. Though I may be sure of the places I have been,
Or show no hesitation to the future sight unseen;
Though I may seem certain of the ground on which I stand,
Still I lose myself in you when you are close at hand

Yes I lose myself in you
Every time I see you and I lose myself in you,
Whenever you are near;
And I lose myself in you
When in conversation people mention you by name
And I am close enough to hear;
And it doesn't really matter that some of them will see
That I lose myself in you
When you lose yourself in me

2. Memories will slip and fade, yet occasionally by chance
May crowd and overcome me in a tumbling avalanche
But even when confusion seems to bury every plan
I can lose myself in you -you always understand


3. Let's take the path together as far as we can go
The far horizon beckons - the winds of change do blow
You can steady my impatience - for you already know
That I'll lose myself in you until you let me go