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Posted By: Severn
16-Feb-10 - 08:48 PM
Thread Name: on to Life!
Subject: RE: LilyFestreUPDATE*CA*Seeking Chemo Starts Slaying!
I haven't posted in a while, but it's time for me to start up again. I had to go through six chemo treatments two years ago for small cell cancer confined to the lymphatic system (now in total remission!). The sessions were MTW every three weeks, with two IVs hooked up to me on Monday (a longer day) and one the next two days.
I'll start posting some of the good and bad experiences as I have time to do so. You have yet another Chemo Sabe to share both the Chemo sob stories and the uplifting things that helped get me and hopefully you through. My stories and tips will be told from a man's point of view.

You are lucky to have a loving mate by your side. I had lots of help from my friends, but I lived and mostly travelled alone. I found that the other in the IV room were of great help and good supportive companionship, and I'm sure you'll find the same. Wonderful nurses, too, though some could hit the vein better than others.

Here, first off, are some travel tips to and from. I brought some of my own food when I could. The oncologists had candy and munchies, but no substantial food. I also brought both books and a CD player with varied music to match whatever kind of mood the long wait put me in. I felt good enough to make the drive, but I set up an emergency network of friends between Rockville and my home in Laurel, about a 25 mile drive, of places I could stop and be welcome if I ever felt faint. I luckily never had to use them, but they were there.

They fill you full of fluids to make you urinate while you are there and a plastic container to measure your constant flow during the day, the volume of which slowly decreases, but I found it easier to go home the back roads with stores and restaurants rather than risk an interstate rush hour jam with no place to go. I often had to make 2-3 "rest stops" on the way home.

Tell me if I'm doing any good. I'll stop if I'm not. tell me if you'd rather like them as PM's

If I am doing some good here, the next installment will be:


Lots of luck and a whole lot of best wishes,