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Posted By: LilyFestre
17-Feb-10 - 06:25 AM
Thread Name: on to Life!
Subject: RE: LilyFestreUPDATE*CA*Seeking Chemo Starts Slaying!

   Keep it coming! I had an IV yesterday but my next chemo session will be with a port that I am having put in on March 1st. I did tons of drinking before yesterday's treatment to help my veins be more accessible and it worked! Just one stick. All my treatments will be 6 hours. The lady that sat across from me was there for her first treatment too, although she already had her port. It turns out that she had the same surgery as I did and the same surgeon...different cancers but we are getting the same treatment: Taxol and Carboplatin. They say the taxol won't make me sick but rather the preservatives that are in it. So far, I'm good.
    This morning I am off to the salon to have all my hair cut off. My surgeon was very clear that my hair would fall out. I'm not going to wait for it to fall's one of the few things I actually have a say in! Also, the owner of the salon had put me in touch with 2 women who have had the same cancer as I do. I have talked to one of the phone and the other woman I met the day before my surgery and she had made me a prayer shawl (which I absolutely LOVE and haul to every appointment and sometimes church too!). Anyway, they are coming to the salon this morning.....I'm looking forward to meeting Candice and it will be good to see Carol again....who has said she has something for makes me curious! So yeah...once people start talking about their experiences, it is helpful and helps to calm my nerves.
   If I learned anything yesterday, it's to go to the Dr. when you feel like something isn't right in your body RIGHT AWAY. If they send you home and you still think something is wrong, go to the hospital or another Dr. until you get an answer. I met a woman with Stage IV lymphatic cancer yesterday....she spent over 4 months trying to get her normal doc to figure out what was wrong and SHE had to ask for a CAT scan. He saw enlarged lymph nodes and did NOTHING. She finally went to the hospital and they were going to send her home but her husband INSISTED that she was staying and they were going to figure out what was wrong with her. They admitted her and the next day sent her to the hospital where I am going for all my treatments. They had a diagnosis for her THE NEXT DAY. How much time was wasted? How much dangerous growth occured? She lost the use of a leg, arm and her vocal cords....she can now talk but uses a can and the other arm isn't working yet. She's been through a lot and it looks like she might be ok but in the meantime, she's been through HELL. Anyway, I did learn that I need to speak up LOUDLY if something is wrong and it isn't being addressed.

   I'll be at the noon service today but will not be there on Saturday (as discussed last week).'ll have to wait to see the new do!!!! I am having photos taken all along the way of this adventure and will put together a little media slide show when I can....might wait until I'm totally finished or maybe I'll put it up so folks can see what's happening along the way....whatcha think?

Time to make breakfast.

Much love to all,