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Posted By: mousethief
17-Feb-10 - 05:49 PM
Thread Name: If I had a band I'd call it...
Subject: RE: If I Had A Band I'd Call It.......
Some friends and I several years ago were whiling away the afternoon and decided that if we formed a band it would be called Pope Shenouda... possibly not good taste, as he is a real live figure and Pope of Alexandria, head of the Coptic Church. One of our number had been talking about his experiences working in Africa, and had mentioned the name of this particular Head of Church... and the sound of the name just resonated and appealed at the time. (Since all the other members of the group were choral singers, I think it was unlikely ever to be).

It's a crying shame he's not at least as famous as the Dalai Lama. What he has to say is just as needed for the world to hear -- he's a sort of Christian corollary to the DL. But I guess he's just not a media hog. Maybe that's how it is: the real world-changers are living quiet lives somewhere and aren't seeking out fame.

If you ever have a chance to read the little book "Peace" by Pope Shenouda, by all means do.